NAB revision session.

Advanced higher NAB’s are a lot easier than I remember them to be. I ended up looking at the past papers to see if they were easier than I remembered too but they were at about the level I could recall. Why on earth are the NAB’s significantly easier than the actual exam? Seems like a bit of an odd system to me. I feel like it would give the students a false idea of what to expect for revision purposes. 

Anyway, due to the level of work I didn’t need to do much preparation for the NAB, it was all stuff I could recall off the top of my head. I looked up a video on the sodium potassium pump to summarise the key points – the students seemed to quite like this so I will probably include a few more in the future. I also went over the stages of mitosis, everyone seemed more than competent with this, and the differences between prokaryotes and eukaryotes – again more than competent. 

This time I wasn’t nervous at all, I felt confident in what I was teaching and interpreting the students understanding (I think this was because they already had a good understanding though). On Monday after their NAB I’m going to go over the next two chapters on biochemistry – amino acids and nucleic acids. Luckily I’ve already done a lot of preparation for this from the previous lesson I planned but I can go over it again, add some notes and maybe some videos. This is quite a beefty subject so it might take some time. 

I never got a chance to ask the students about their outside of school scientific inquiries, so maybe on Monday I will get this chance.

Heading to school in the morning is integrating quite well with my routine now! 



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