ProScience Volunteering Begins!

Biology, in fact science in general, didn’t develop into a passion of mine until I reached my fifth year in secondary school. Whilst always academic enough to cope with the subject I didn’t find it interesting or relevant until I started studying it at a more advanced level. This interest was directly channelled from the enthusiasm of my teacher, a small and quirky physiologist with a contagious excitement about the natural world.

Now, in my second year of studying biology at the University of Edinburgh, I feel compelled to talk science to anyone that will listen! The ProScience volunteering project has given me just the opportunity to do this. Every week I will wake up unusually early, catch a couple of buses and talk science to kids in school. Provided I don’t fall asleep on the bus and wake up in Glasgow.

Hopefully this blog will be a useful tool to track my own progress, record my thoughts and feelings, and develop my skills as a science communicator and teacher.

Stay tuned!