A few goals & first visit to school!

Rachel’s Goals For The Year! 

So I have a few long term personal goals I would like to work on for this project. Each of these three goals are skills I want to develop over the next year through helping out in Firrhill High School  – so expect to hear a lot about my knees knocking as I attempt to communicate to a class of sixteen year olds why cells are cool.

  • Firstly I want to work on my general leadership/public talking skills. This encompasses the ability to stand in front of a class without turning into jelly and spitting one word at them all repeatedly as I try to remember what my point was. I think the way to best tackle this is to be thoroughly prepared. Plan my lessons in advance and memorise my key points. Hopefully this will keep me calm and prevent brain freeze and temporary speech paralysis. Interestingly this is only a recent problem of mine – in school I could easily and happily get in front of the class and talk away, make clear and valid points and answer questions. I wonder if it has something to do with not knowing the people I am standing up in front of anymore?
  • Secondly I want to improve my general teaching skills. This is a broad area  of improvement for me because I’ve never taught anyone older than 10 before. I’ve also never taught them anything other than martial arts or basic english. When it comes to developing my teaching skills I think I’ll have to make sure I really know what I’m teaching the kids through and through so that I can make sure they fully understand it.
  • Thirdly I want to develop my ability to communicate science. As it is I can rant and rave about new scientific developments and their significance in advancing our understanding of the natural world. I don’t know if I can translate this enthusiasm into a school syllabus. I’d like to see if I can get students interested in what they are studying beyond a necessity for passing their exams.

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